Few cheap records

Few years ago, I’ve “owned” a DIY distribution named Dead Space (along with label, webzine etc.). Anyway, this weekend I’m finally returning all this stuff back (to original owners/labels) and if anyone is interested here’s the list of those thing with (very) cheap distro prices.

Thing is, I would like to return less things to their owners and make them happy. I can bring this stuff somewhere until Thursday or I/We can make “transfer” on Thursday/Friday at MonteParadiso festival in Pula.

Here’s the list (get in touch if you’re interested in anything – find my e-mail under “About” tab):


AMOK – Amok 15,00 kn
BRIDGE TO SOLACE – Of Biterness And Hope 15,00 kn
ENDSTAND – Burning Bridges 15,00 kn
EQUAL – Old School Or No School 15,00 kn
IGUT – Shaping 2002 – 2005 15,00 kn
LET’S GROW – Filthy Animal 15,00 kn
PLAGUE MASS 15,00 kn
RADIKAL DUB KOLEKTIV – Radikal Dub Kolektiv 15,00 kn
RESTARTS – Slumworld 15,00 kn
TITO’S BOJS – Electro Istra 15,00 kn
THE NOW-DENIAL – Discography 15,00 kn


36 DAGGERS – Kalpa Minutes 20,00 kn
36 DAGGERS – s/t 17,00 kn
ANTENAT – Subing 40,00 kn
ANTI OTPAD – Radnički San 40,00 kn
BACKSTAGE – Trends Are Changing 50,00 kn
F.P.O. – The Only Dead End is Refusing To See Way Out 20,00 kn
FAKOFBOLAN – Provincija Uzvraća Udarac 45,00 kn
FNC DIVERZANT – Prvi Jubilarni 45,00 kn
HEAVENSHORE – s/t 20,00 kn
IGUT – More Than Words Can Tell 20,00 kn
LASTING VALUES – Lasting Values 20,00 kn
LET’S GROW – Disease Of Modern Times 25,00 kn
LET’S GROW – Neverending Story 20,00 kn
NULA / BIJES ZDRAVOG RAZUMA – split 25,00 kn
PATH OF DECAY – This is Not An Advertisement for a conspiracy theory 20,00 kn
PLUS LIFE – Modern Life Mathematics 17,00 kn
RADIKAL DUB KOLEKTIV – Radikal Dub Kolektiv 45,00 kn
RESTARTS – Slumworld 50,00 kn
THIS DAY WILL BURN – How The Mighty Have Fallen 20,00 kn
TITO’S BOJS – Electro Istra 25,00 kn
UNISON – Apokalipsa 17,00 kn
UNISON – Death in The Cradle + Live 17,00 kn
UNISON – Ozmot 17,00 kn
UNISON – Pearls Before Swine 17,00 kn
UNISON – Resignation Speaks: I Will Be a Corpse 20,00 kn
UNISON – The Sum 20,00 kn
USUD – Creator’s Sorcery 25,00 kn
V/A – NO ONE DIES ALONE 20,00 kn
V/A – ORTOPUNK LIVE ’03 30,00 kn
V/A – POWDER KEG 20,00 kn


CHUCK DAMAGE – st 20,00 kn
LOST BOYS – Lost Boys 17,00 kn

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