Make a (visual) change

We (humans) are a visual beings and because of that, it is easier for us to connect individual life events with something that we can visually represent back to ourselves.

While I was learning for my faculty exams, preparing for my master’s thesis and in general dealing with many different types of responsibilities and tasks, I have noticed something interesting about my behavior. It was nothing new, because I remember it doing it earlier life stages, but this time I’ve interpret it to myself in a different and more meaningful way.

Studying (for example) can be sometimes really boring and non-visual process, which of course depends on your interests. You can write things down, draw sketches, graphs, whatever helps you, but still – even after you pass an exam or whatever you’re dealing with, nothing in your life changes visually and your success feels a bit unreal.

To make this more fun for myself, I’ve added a bit of sauce to this kind of tasks. As an example, I will take my masters thesis, which I’ve successfully brought to an end couple of weeks ago – lastly. When it came to the final stage of thesis and when I’ve had to prepare myself for a final presentation and defense of my work, my room and my environment also experienced a big change – it experienced a big mess, someone would also call it a “creative mess”. By nature, I am kind of a arranged type and I like to keep things in order, but when it comes to this kind of stuff – when there is one big task which needs your complete focus, then environment and arrangement becomes irrelevant and I need this feeling of “chaos” and a feeling that something is on-going.

As the days and hours of final presentation were approaching, my room was more and more in a mess. But after I’ve finished with the final presentation, the first thing I did when I came home – I cleaned my room, I threw bunch of my things away (especially notebooks), I rearranged my stuff, I washed my clothes, I did a visual change – to have a better perception of what I’ve done and to kind of award myself with a new order.

This kind of behavior is something that helped me finished those kind of tasks – especially the boring ones. I have really short attention span and to succeed and finish boring tasks, I have to keep entertain myself, and this is just one way of doing it.

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