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“Seven Days Of Creation” / “Sedam Dana Stvaranja”

“Seven Days of Creation” is a festival of a rich cultural production and promotion. The festival brings together a large number of authors and a positive and committed enthusiasm of creatively oriented people. It’s creative vibration encourages development in the individual as well as in the society in order to suppress cultural apathy and passivity. By creating the space for the exchange of cultural heritage and of personal experiences, “Seven Days of Creation” becomes a creator of quality changes in the community.

The intention and goals of the festival are to develop cultural production, promotion and education and it has been held annually since 2004.

Official website

Free market

English: Really Really Free Market at Dupont C...

I’ve decided to open a “Free market” section and to sell few things that I don’t need. For now, there’s only vinyls but I’ll probably also add some CD’s and other things that are not anymore useful to me.

Go to Free market.

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