Make a (visual) change

We (humans) are a visual beings and because of that, it is easier for us to connect individual life events with something that we can visually represent back to ourselves.

While I was learning for my faculty exams, preparing for my master’s thesis and in general dealing with many different types of responsibilities and tasks, I have noticed something interesting about my behavior. It was nothing new, because I remember it doing it earlier life stages, but this time I’ve interpret it to myself in a different and more meaningful way.

Studying (for example) can be sometimes really boring and non-visual process, which of course depends on your interests. You can write things down, draw sketches, graphs, whatever helps you, but still – even after you pass an exam or whatever you’re dealing with, nothing in your life changes visually and your success feels a bit unreal.

To make this more fun for myself, I’ve added a bit of sauce to this kind of tasks. As an example, I will take my masters thesis, which I’ve successfully brought to an end couple of weeks ago – lastly. When it came to the final stage of thesis and when I’ve had to prepare myself for a final presentation and defense of my work, my room and my environment also experienced a big change – it experienced a big mess, someone would also call it a “creative mess”. By nature, I am kind of a arranged type and I like to keep things in order, but when it comes to this kind of stuff – when there is one big task which needs your complete focus, then environment and arrangement becomes irrelevant and I need this feeling of “chaos” and a feeling that something is on-going.

As the days and hours of final presentation were approaching, my room was more and more in a mess. But after I’ve finished with the final presentation, the first thing I did when I came home – I cleaned my room, I threw bunch of my things away (especially notebooks), I rearranged my stuff, I washed my clothes, I did a visual change – to have a better perception of what I’ve done and to kind of award myself with a new order.

This kind of behavior is something that helped me finished those kind of tasks – especially the boring ones. I have really short attention span and to succeed and finish boring tasks, I have to keep entertain myself, and this is just one way of doing it.


Get the best out of 2014

I don’t know where will I go for a New Year’s Eve, but for sure I can come up with few great records and concerts that for me rounded up year 2014.

Here’s the list – in no particular order.

Top music records (released in 2014):
Mogwai – Rave Tapes
Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else
Ought – More Than Any Other Day
Ought – Once More With Feeling…
Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal
Ben Frost – A U R O R A
Sun Kil Moon – Benji
The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream
Nothing – Guilty of Everything
Nils Petter Molvær – Switch
Merchandise – After the End
Earth – Primitive and Deadly
White Lung – Deep Fantasy
Caribou – Our Love
Swans – To Be Kind
Lantlôs – Melting Sun
Afghan Whigs –  Do to the Beast
Warpaint – Warpaint
DZ Deathrays – Black Rat
Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static
Restorations – LP3
A Silver Mt. Zion – Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything
Lagwagon – Hang

Top concerts (in 2014):
Red Fang @ Channel Zero, Ljubljana
fonija @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana
Lunar, Senata Fox @ Močvara, Zagreb
Iron Chic @ Attack, Zagreb
Industroika @ Super8, Budapest
Mozes and the Firstborn @ Gala Hala, Ljubljana
BRNS @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Neutral Milk Hotel @ Tvornica, Zagreb
Peter Edwards @ Mota, Ljubljana
Lunar @ Gala Hala, Ljubljana
Kvelertak @ Gala Hala, Ljubljana
Mort Mort Mort @ Pomol, Koper
Lagwagon, Night Birds, A Wilhelm Scream, Bane @ Punk Rock Holiday, Tolmin
Deafheaven @ The Garage, London
Darkside, Caribou, Nils Frahm @ Arena, Pula
TRUS!, Kleemar @ Ladjica na Ljubljanici, Ljubljana
Lantlôs @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana
Manu Delago Handmade, Nikki Louder, Jonathan, Girl Band @ Wavves, Vienna
Repetitor @ Wavves, Bratislava
The Canyon Observer, Blaž, ABOP, Litostrojska Darkbluz Experiment @ 24hpp, Ljubljana
Swans @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Liars @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Merchandise @ Channel Zero, Ljubljana
Sólstafir, Esben and the Witch @ Gala Hala, Ljubljana
ŠKM Banda @ Gledališče Glej, Ljubljana

Programming Tech

wparser – PhantomJS based website parser

At the moment, I’m working on final exam and my topic is called “Modeling relation between technical parameters of web page design and its aesthetics“.

For one part of that project, I’ve needed a parser which will automatically pull some data from received list of urls. For this purpose, I’ve wrote PhantomJS based website parser called simply wparser. I’ve published that parser on Github since I thought that someone else can also find it useful and that maybe I can also get some experience from the community.

Anyway, feel free to go check it, report me about bugs, send me pull requests, give me some tips or whatever else you want.


To hell with 2013

One more time we’re heading to the end of a year. I haven’t write any blog posts for a year and now I’m doing it because I want to make some kind of retrospective to 2013 – in terms of music albums and concerts.

Few times I was thinking about writing some “useful” blog posts – but let’s say I was pretty busy all the time and this was always low priority – and I believe this will  stay like that, at least until I don’t completely finish some faculty duties, and I hope this will be during the next year.

Anyhow, let’s talk about music. There’s no order at all.

Top music records (released in 2013):
Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin
Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle – Perils From the Sea
Bill Callahan – Dream River
Ludovico Einaudi – In a Time Lapse
Deafheaven – Sunbather
Colin Stetson – New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light
Mogwai – Les Revenants (soundtrack)
Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus
Crusades – Perhaps You Deliver this Judgment with Greater Fear than I Receive It
The Men – New Moon
Off With Their Heads – Home
The Bronx – The Bronx IV
BoySetsFire – While a Nation Sleeps…
Kvelertak – Meir
Restorations – LP2
Palms – Palms
RVIVR – The Beauty Between
Iceage – You’re Nothing
V/A – The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute

Top concerts in 2013:
The Raveonettes @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Sex Jams @ Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana
RVIVR @ Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana
The Men @ Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana
Bad Religion, Propagandhi, the Menzingers, Turbonegro, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead @ Pirate satellite festival, Stuttgart
Shellac @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
The Manix @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana
Slöa Knivar @ Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana
Suicidal Tendencies, Propagandhi, Swingin’ Utters, Snuff @ Punk Rock Holiday, Tolmin
Dangers, Bernays Propaganda @ Pandamonium 5.2, Ankaran
Suuns @ Kamfest, Kamnik
Tame Impala @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
NOFX @ Cvetličarna, Ljubljana
Antillectual @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana
Colin Stetson @ Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
Valient Thorr @ Orto bar, Ljubljana


Personal top music lists in 2012

Once again, it’s the end of the world…I mean…it’s the end of a year, and we all love to look back somehow, to remind ourselves about the good things, good music, and everything good that happened during the whole year.

Before I’ve even started to write this list, I was thinking that in last two years I’m listening much less new music then I was listening before. Maybe it’s because I have less time, maybe it’s because there’s not a lot new music that satisfies, maybe it’s because of satiation, maybe it’s something else…who knows. Well, never mind, regardless of that, I still have some great records to share with you. Some new (from this year) and some old that I’ve recently discovered. Lists are below and there’s no any order at all (beside concerts – those are listed by dates).

Top music records (released in 2012):
Baroness – Yellow & Green
Xaxaxa – Siromašni i bogati
Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident – Bruto slavo / VBK
Hot Water Music – Exister
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Alleujah! Don’t Bend Ascend
Japandroids – Celebration Rock
Propagandhi – Failed States
Teenage Bottlerocket – Freak Out!
Damir Avdić – Mein kapital
Forgetters – ST LP

Top music records (discovered in 2012):
Damien Jurado – Caught in the Trees
Vic Chesnutt – North Star Deserter
the Arteries – Dead Sea
For Against – December
Bob Mould – The Last Dog and Pony Show
Red House Painters – Songs for a Blue Guitar

Top concerts in 2012:
Damir Avdić @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Des Ark @ Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana
Hanson Brothers, Invasives @ Orto bar, Ljubljana
Bridge and Tunnel, Full of Hell @ Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana
Good Riddance, Boysetsfire, Adolescents, 7Seconds, Debeli Precjednik @ Punk rock holiday, Tolmin
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Dirty Three @ Kino šiška, Ljubljana


Learning web design – machine learning school project

With a colleague, I’m working on a school project (within “Machine Learning” class) named “Learning Web Design“.

For our current task, we need arbitrary number of people to vote for websites designs. We’ve made a simple web app that lists 500 of websites that need to be reviewed. Currently, there’s around ~142 websites left for review, so if you have few minutes it will be awesome if you can help us.

Application is hosted here:

Task is simple. Click on a listed website (since preview is not working currently), check structure and design a little bit and vote between 1 and 10. There’s also few other instructions mentioned on website.

*** I know that it doesn’t make sense that arbitrary number of random people is giving votes, but hey, it’s like that and just the way it is ;)

Programming Tech

Get countries – World `countries` in MySQL or XML format

After my post from yesterday evening, WordPress analytics are telling me that almost 13,000 views (mostly from Hackernews) have seen that post in less then 24 hours. I don’t know about you, but for me, this is pretty amazing, and I’m very thankful.

To prove you that, I’ve made an upgrade to my script, and now you can get world countries in MySQL or XML format – hope you’ll like it.

I would also like to mention that you can suggest (in comments) any additional ideas, or that you can even implement it right away, push it to Github and send me a pull request.

Get countries program | @Github repository

Programming Tech

Countries database table for MySQL

So today, I was buzzing around and searching for a `countries` table script that I could use in MySQL database. As you can imagine, it wouldn’t make any sense to add all world countries into database table one-by-one.

I’ve found few interesting things around there, but all of those solutions were not flexible and were created for individual projects – and when I say that, I mean that some of those tables have only two columns (like country code and country name), some of those have 3 columns, and some of those have bunch of columns (that are probably not useful to many developers).

Anyway, after checking some of those solutions I came to idea that I could make something on my own – something that will be flexible and customizable. And the result was GetCountries “program” where you can select which columns do you want, click “Get it!” and the program will fetch “fresh” results from Geonames API and will generate you a SQL script. After that you can copy/paste that script and eventually change column names.

Hope someone will find that useful.

GetCountries app | code @ Github


Propagandhi interview from 2007


Since Propagandhi has released a new album called “Failed States”, I’ve remembered that, few years ago, I’ve made an interview with them – for a Dead Space webzine that was active back then. I’ve found this interview, I’m looking at it and can’t believe to some of my questions, but hey, people change, and this was 5 years ago :) Anyway, I would like to share that interview with you so here it is.

Propagandhi, we all know it’s great melodic hardcore punk band from Canada. This interview was made (answered) on april 24, 2007. The interview was made by mail, answered by Todd. Enjoy.

Hi Todd and Propagandhi, as a first question I would ask you to present the Propagandhi to the people in Croatia. And if you want, can you tell us your age and how many years is each of you playing (instrument that you play)?
Hello, Perić! It’s nice to talk to you. Well, I (Todd) Am 33, I’ll be 34 next month. Chris and Jord are 36 and Beave is 28. Chris and Jord have been together for 18 years or so. I’ve been in the band for 11 years; Beave has been with us for about 8 months. I’m on bass. Chris is on guitar, Jord is on Drums, Beave is on Guitar.

And one more thing. can you tell us something about your past bands (I now that before Propagandhi there was also some other bands that you guys were involved)?
Well, Beave was in a band called Giant Sons which was really good. I was in I Spy and Swallowing Shit. I Spy did a 10″ split record with Propagandhi in about 1992. G7 has since released both bands recordings.

When did you start the “G7 Welcoming Committee Records” and what was the primary reason? Of the band members, who is active on project “G7 Welcoming Committee Records”, are the whole band helping in this?
G7 was started by Chris and Jord. Jord quit about 5 years ago. Chris and our friend Derek Hogue do the label now. It was started to introduce interesting bands with good ideas to the public. Perhaps drawing on a bit of Propagandhi’s following a bit.

For the new album you made a joke where you said that Chris Hannah has left the band and that the new singer and guitarist is Glen Lambert; where did you get an idea for this and why? I think that a lot of people were assured that this is true.
Haha. Yeah, that was kind of a spur of the moment thing for a laugh. I like how everybody was so concerned about Lambert and his mental health. haha.. NOFX even wrote a song pitying the guy. haha..What a world! We played that up pretty good to get kids mad at Lambert.

The music that you playing on “G7 radio” is different one from another. are you listening a lot of kinds of music? I saw that there is punk rock, hardcore, old school hardcore, crust, rap,. Who are your favorites (bands)?
My favorite bands are SNFU, Razor, Sacrifice, Dio, Fates Warning, real old C.O.C. etc.. I also like a lot of African music such as Gigi Shebawbaw, Salif Keita etc. I love them.

I don’t know how much, but it has past a lot of time since you have been on tour in Europe. When are you planning European tour again?
Right now we have no idea when we’ll be back there. I hope we’ll be back soon.

Would you like to visit Croatia, maybe and Pazin(our small town)?
We’d love to come to Pazin sometime!

If it’s not a secret, can you tell me/us how much money are you asking for a gig (on tour in Europe)?
Every show changes in regards to what we get paid. we keep the shows reasonably cheap and then see how many people can attend the show, how much a countries currency is worth, what’s the state of the economy, what is a reasonable price to charge etc. then we take it from there.

Do you have a contract with the Fat Wreck or is it just verbal agreement?
We just have a verbal agreement.

I am asking because you are releasing album every 5 years approximately, and the other bands on Fat Wreck (like Lagwagon, Lawrence Arms, Strung Out,.) are releasing their albums every year, every two years or three years maximum, so I think that you maybe don’t have contract with them, that you are releasing your stuff when you want (that you are totally free in this way)?
Yeah, we do whatever we want with ourselves. Hah. I guess those other bands feel like two years is a good amount of time to get their songs together. We wouldn’t be ready in that amount of time. We’re trying to be a little faster this time around.

I heard your live “Curse of the MTV punks”. do you have always conflicts with the “punks” that simply don’t understand what are they fighting for, and even what are they try to say?
I’m not sure what that “Curse of the MTV Punks” is, to tell you the truth. But to answer your question; punks are just a crossection of general society these days so we don’t tend to agree with or enjoy most punks. haha. but I can’t say we really are in conflict with them. We just go about our business. I hope I’m too old to be in conflict with punks. ha. I’m too busy engaging in undercover espionage.

Except band and record label, do you have some other job like “ordinary” people?
Haha.. Today I say no in about a month I’d have to answer yes, unfortunately. Jord and Beave both have jobs. Me and Chris are trying to hang on to the good life. Having said that Chris and I do work really hard and do not sit around wasting our time. We are geared towards being productive and self sufficient. This plan is, however, now taking a bender. haha..

Are you guys vegans or vegetarians? Are each of us in band supporting that way of living?
We are all vegans. We all have to believe in the lyrics and songs we’re playing. Veganism is an extension of our quest for justice and liberty it is a very important aspect to the band.

I think that this thing means a lot to you, so I’m asking.
You are correct, Perić!

What do you think about internet?
It’s product of globalization but it’s also very useful thing. in the sense of D.I.Y. propaganda.
The internet is good and bad. It connects people and is a good way of knowing what’s going on in the world and helps people gets their stories and ideas out to each other. On the other hand it can also be a big waste of time and there are a lot of freaks out there taking advantage of others using it. These people would exist with or without it, though. The internet is probably more good than bad at the moment.

Where are you recording your albums? I think I was reading that you are recording some stuff by yourself?! Are you paying your albums by yourself or is it Fat Wreck financing you?
Heheh.. Fat financed our last record which is why we owe them money. haha.. Recording is an expensive, life squeezing rip off. We might record the next record ourselves. We did most of the last one ourselves. Chris is getting really good at recording that shit.

On your website, and in your lyrics I can see that you read a lot of stuff, a that you know a lot about the war in Iraq, about testing products on animals,. and a lot of other stuff that you won’t see on the TV, or in the newspapers. I would like to ask you. do you know something about Croatia? About our fuckin’ bad politics, war that was here in the beginning of the 90’s and other stuff?
Yeah, I’ve read quite a bit about Croatia and the war. I also have some Croatian friends here in Winnipeg as well. Actually Elizabeth Neuffer who wrote my favorite book about the war was killed in Iraq recently covering that war. I would love to go to Croatia and see the country for myself. I have heard it is also very beautiful.

What do you think about marriage? Is it necessary or unnecessary?
I don’t really care too much. It’s up to the people who are getting married to decide what it means for them. If it is something that makes them happy then go for it. I’ve seen it backfire quite often. haha..

Is it someone from Propagandhi in marriage?
None of us are married. Who would marry us? A Troll covered in dogshit? haha..

I’m asking all this because my opinion about marriage is that marriage is unnecessary, because if you love someone you don’t need a ”contract” for that.
I tend to agree but whatever. Some people like the ceremony or the acknowledgement, or more likely the gifts that go along with it. haha…

On your website, I saw an interview when one guy wrote you a word association, so I’ll do the same now. I would write you few words (associations), and you tell me first thing that comes to your mind?
-LP (I mean on gramophone record, not Linkin Park ;)) – Razor, Shotgun justice! I wish I had that LP. Haha.
-Minor Threat – bald kid, white shirt. Pretty good.
-Coca-Cola – makes your teeth stick together. Makes you feel like shit.
-Straight Edge – I wish I could get a long, clear plastic ruler.
-Fanzines – Jord and Chris were interviewed in their favorite zine, “Navel gazing” hahaha. Inside joke, for my own amusement.

Somewhere in August, or September 2002, there were some rumors about Propagandhi gig in Zagreb, in club Attack. Do you now, what happened with this, why this gig wasn’t maintained?
This was just a rumour. I wish it was true! We had no plans.

Are you still going to the punk/hardcore gigs? Still supporting underground and diy bands, buying diy records (tapes, cd’s, lp’s,.)?
I don’t buy many new cd’s or anything. I don’t download them either. I go to shows sometimes. I’m pretty busy and get up early so I tend to miss a lot of them. I guess we try to support smaller bands by taking them on tour or having G7 help them or whatever. If a band I’m into comes to town I go watch them for sure. Actually, me and Chris traveled about 2000 miles to see Sacrifice! I listen to my old records every day. I tend to like non western music better these days it seems to have more heart or something.
Commercialism has ruined my quest to find good underground bands. I don’t know where to look anymore. Most bands end up disappointing anyway when they sell out after two years. haha..

So, this is it. We made it finally. Do you have something else to mention for the end, someone to say hello, something else? I hope I will see you live, soon of course.
Well, I guess I’d like to say that I hope we’ll make it out to Croatia sometime soon. Now that we’ve got a good buddy named Perić to contact maybe this will happen. I hope we’ll see you all in Pazin. At that point I will say hello to you in interviews. Until that time I really have no friends to say Hello to! hah.

Todd, thank you a lot!


Few cheap records

Few years ago, I’ve “owned” a DIY distribution named Dead Space (along with label, webzine etc.). Anyway, this weekend I’m finally returning all this stuff back (to original owners/labels) and if anyone is interested here’s the list of those thing with (very) cheap distro prices.

Thing is, I would like to return less things to their owners and make them happy. I can bring this stuff somewhere until Thursday or I/We can make “transfer” on Thursday/Friday at MonteParadiso festival in Pula.

Here’s the list (get in touch if you’re interested in anything – find my e-mail under “About” tab):


AMOK – Amok 15,00 kn
BRIDGE TO SOLACE – Of Biterness And Hope 15,00 kn
ENDSTAND – Burning Bridges 15,00 kn
EQUAL – Old School Or No School 15,00 kn
IGUT – Shaping 2002 – 2005 15,00 kn
LET’S GROW – Filthy Animal 15,00 kn
PLAGUE MASS 15,00 kn
RADIKAL DUB KOLEKTIV – Radikal Dub Kolektiv 15,00 kn
RESTARTS – Slumworld 15,00 kn
TITO’S BOJS – Electro Istra 15,00 kn
THE NOW-DENIAL – Discography 15,00 kn


36 DAGGERS – Kalpa Minutes 20,00 kn
36 DAGGERS – s/t 17,00 kn
ANTENAT – Subing 40,00 kn
ANTI OTPAD – Radnički San 40,00 kn
BACKSTAGE – Trends Are Changing 50,00 kn
F.P.O. – The Only Dead End is Refusing To See Way Out 20,00 kn
FAKOFBOLAN – Provincija Uzvraća Udarac 45,00 kn
FNC DIVERZANT – Prvi Jubilarni 45,00 kn
HEAVENSHORE – s/t 20,00 kn
IGUT – More Than Words Can Tell 20,00 kn
LASTING VALUES – Lasting Values 20,00 kn
LET’S GROW – Disease Of Modern Times 25,00 kn
LET’S GROW – Neverending Story 20,00 kn
NULA / BIJES ZDRAVOG RAZUMA – split 25,00 kn
PATH OF DECAY – This is Not An Advertisement for a conspiracy theory 20,00 kn
PLUS LIFE – Modern Life Mathematics 17,00 kn
RADIKAL DUB KOLEKTIV – Radikal Dub Kolektiv 45,00 kn
RESTARTS – Slumworld 50,00 kn
THIS DAY WILL BURN – How The Mighty Have Fallen 20,00 kn
TITO’S BOJS – Electro Istra 25,00 kn
UNISON – Apokalipsa 17,00 kn
UNISON – Death in The Cradle + Live 17,00 kn
UNISON – Ozmot 17,00 kn
UNISON – Pearls Before Swine 17,00 kn
UNISON – Resignation Speaks: I Will Be a Corpse 20,00 kn
UNISON – The Sum 20,00 kn
USUD – Creator’s Sorcery 25,00 kn
V/A – NO ONE DIES ALONE 20,00 kn
V/A – ORTOPUNK LIVE ’03 30,00 kn
V/A – POWDER KEG 20,00 kn


CHUCK DAMAGE – st 20,00 kn
LOST BOYS – Lost Boys 17,00 kn