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Worshiping hack day

It’s been a few months since I’ve started to work at Zemanta as a part-time (I’m still studying, though) worker and all I can say it’s that I never thought job could be so interesting and that you can find such a nice people in one place.

Before I’ve even thought about working for Zemanta, Sam and Rok were talking me about all cool things there. One of those is hack day, and I’ve already heard about it before cause I know that companies like Dropbox, Twitter etc are doing it too. Anyway, I’ve never been involved in anything similar and I was totally thrilled with it.

Yesterday, I’ve been a part of Zemanta’s hack day and I’ve enjoyed it. Why? Bunch of people working on different projects (everyone in the same room), a lot of great ideas, cooperation’s, helping each others, joking, learning and at the end…presenting your hacks. I was working on a image search engine with Ron (based on Rok’s idea) and I had a lot of fun. Other projects were awesome and I’ve enjoyed watching everyone’s “final product”. I suppose there will be a hack day report at Zemanta’s blog so I’ll probably share it around.

Hack days are really something special and makes you feel totally alive. Only negative thing is that it’s hard to go back and carry on with learning for college exams, because you just want it more, and more :)